Concert Packing Guide: What to Bring to Your First Music Festival Post-Covid

Concert venues and live music festivals are slowly returning, but safety measures mean a few changes to what you can bring. Here’s what to pack for your first post-vaccinated concert

It’s official—concerts have finally returned. Yes, against all odds, live music is coming back in the fall with new festival announcements popping up what seems like every day. Summerfest is back this September. So is the Governors Ball. The 20th anniversary of Bonnaroo will play to a Labor Day crowd, too. But as U.S. vaccination efforts ramp up, and more people feel comfortable congregating at big-time events like these, undoubtedly the way you rock out at your next concert will be different than you did pre-Covid.

Several festivals plan to operate at lowered capacity anyways (Florida’s Mile 0 Fest was at 75 percent, some might go lower), and there’s no denying that most concerts will still have mask requirements no matter the vaccination rate, even by the fall. There may also be restrictions on food vendors, drinking, and after parties to stop crowds from congregating too much (which puts stage dives and mosh pits on hold for the time being, too).

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