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Articles & Awards that have recognized the Krewe

September-December 2005: Krewe raises funds for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund through sales of new krewe merchandise. 

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Pet de Kat Pet de Kat Krewe, do what you wanna 2006 merchandiseKrewe donation to the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund by spreading the word to your email lists, posting on your blog/website and purchasing a 2006 krewe shirt between September and December 31, 2005. We raised $52 for charity! The donation was made in the name of the PET DE KAT KREWE. I'll send any paperwork or award certificates to Joe for the archives.
Dear steve,
Thank you for your generous gift to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. This fund makes it possible for the Red Cross to help disaster victims nationwide with critical needs such as shelter, food, clothing, counseling and other assistance. It's because of the Disaster Relief Fund that our response can be immediate regardless of the type of disaster, its location, or the community's ability to financially support our efforts.
Your generous support means the most to the families who rely on Red Cross to help them through some of the most difficult times of their lives.
Please continue to visit us at to see how we're using your Disaster Relief Fund donation to make a difference, and for the most current disaster updates and stories about the people being helped.
Together, we can save a life.
American Red Cross

January 5, 2005: Selected to win a Web Works Site Award

Fest Birds of a Feather
Times Picayunne, May 2, 2003

Pet de Kat on official Jazz Fest Schedule

In May 2002 the Pet de Kat Krewe was invited to appear on the Folk Heritage Stage as an official part of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. A Jazz Folk Lore panel put together by the NOJ&HF comprised Beatle Bob, PDKK's Big Chief Pony Dancer and Marisol, Economy Hall's "Second Line" Eddie, and Jack the "Tutu Man" who leads the Watermellon Sacrifice at the Fais Do Do stage.

Thank You Rescue Workers - Pet de Kat Cares
Krewe Members' support of September 11 2001 workers

The Miami New Times
Best of Miami Issue 1998 

"This coalition of Mardi Gras-inspired revelers is to a festival or party what Kool-Aid is to water. With their fanciful getups, spirit sticks, and bottomless bags of percussive instruments and gewgaws, Krewe members bring their Big Easy brand of color and flavor to roots music events and outdoor parties. Inspired by the second-liners at New Orleans parades (that is, those who march with the parade but aren’t officially a part of it), the Krewe manages to lively things up without stepping on anybody else’s partying. Their colorful clothes and ornate hats add visual stimuli, their uninhibited dancing is contagious, and their attitude pure fun. Their membership policy is wide-open (and international, thanks to a popular Website). They also produce Krewe T-shirts (worn on-stage by a number of famous New Orleans musicians) and stickers (plastered on any and every open spot). They even have their own radio show: Saturday at 11:00 p.m. on WAXY-AM (790). For the Krewe, every day is Fat Tuesday."

Krazy Kats By Manuel Pila
Thursday, Feb 19 1998 

The New Orleans Times-Picayune
From "Jazzfest To Go" Living section, April 24, 1997

"The zaniest approach to online festing can be found at Virtual Fest, which approaches the event with a decidedly carnival attitude. This irreverent site is brough to us by the Pet De Kat Krewe (it's by no means exclusive, you can join online), and vows to "put you at the Jazzfest while you sit on your butt." Membership, formed of a loosely disorganized band of music lovers and dedicated to spreading the love of Jazzfest, purports to draw people from as far away as, Japan, Germany, Baffin Island (don't ask) and Australia. A chat board, countdown to opening (to the second), links, reviews and photos are joined by a krewe photo gallery and tips. Don't miss the Nightlife Grids, offering a handy printable guide to club headliners around town."

Offbeat Magazine
Plugged In by Alex Oliver

"It's not surprising to see three New Orleans music entities -- OffBeat, NOJ& HF, and WWOZ -- offer Web sites devoted to Jazz Fest. And while there are plenty of sites created by fans about Jazz Fest, one in particular, the Pet De Ket Krewe's Virtual Fest site (, has received almost as much traffic. The Pet De Kat Krewe are a group of Jazz Fest fanatics -- in the truest sense of the word -- mostly spread over the Southeast whose members come to Jazz Fest every year. As noted on their Web site, "If there is a brass band, zydeco band or a funky New Orleans R& B band playing within earshot, you can be sure that the Pet de Kat Krewe will be out there hooting and a hollering." So far the PDKK have been the most successful group in planning a Jazz Fest meeting on the 'net, primarily through chat on the Official Jazz Fest site's Meeting Place. The 1997 Krewe Meeting is open to anyone who gets to their site and reads the announcement (or, if you don't have a computer or 'net access and want to see what music-loving geeks look like, got to Liuzza's Bar on N. Lopez on either Friday of Jazz Fest following the last sets at the Fair Grounds)."

Trippin Out Site of the Week

"Party it up with the Pet De Kat Krewe. They've got a solid site devoted to JazzFest. Sign up to become a member and find other people in your area who dig all things 'Festive.'"

Legendary Site of the Week

"...And so began the legend of the Creole Cat, which has given its name to the Virtual Fest, an online approximation of the New Orleans JazzFest (April 25 to May 4). The site is almost as delightful an experience, with a guide to festival tickets, food, and nightlife, as well as an extensive range of Louisiana and music-related sites."

Jazz Site of the Week

"What a fun site! These folks are a bunch of wacky jazz fans who converge upon the New Orleans Jazz Festival each year. Festival schedules, concurrent club info, and Krewe meetings. Neat design, too."

Le Prix de La 'Coon

Awarded to web pages that celebrate Louisiana culture, heritage, and history.

KiKi's Paw of Excellence

Awarded to sites that recognize the importance of cats in our lives.

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