Legend of the Creole Cat

It all started in 1879, in a small town called Dekattrois, Louisiana. The myth of the Creole Cat transformed from legend to actuality. By the early 1900s, word spread all over Louisiana about a wild creature that put Dekattrois on the map.

Legend has it that a large cat would stalk the Dekattrois neighborhoods after the heat of summer would subside, and before the chill of winter would set in. Residents would swear that they were sober when they saw a cat, over six feet high they claim, walking up on its two hind legs, terrorizing children and dogs in its path. Later a crazed resident of Dekattrois caught the Creole Cat and put it up on a pole for all to see. When neighbors saw this huge cat mounted on a pole, they would come out and pet it. This gathering which happened a long time ago was later named Pole Cat day. Who knew at the time, but an annual tradition started in Dekattrois which led to the modern times Creole Cat Festival, held every October on the even year." —Rudy Truax, Lafayette Historian,


In 1922, the Creole Cat Festival became so popular that it was moved from Choctaw Park to Dekattrois Commons where a record setting 125,000 people attended in one day. On the third day of the festival a hurricane blew through and forced organizers to shut down. Dekattrois was hit with winds over 100 mph and severe flooding. Dekattrois Commons was totally devastated. We Will Rebuild was the towns response to nature. Dekattrois was never rebuilt, and eventually reclaimed by nature.


Dekattrois was founded as a stopping point for pioneers of the west. For decades the only commercial properties were a hotel, three bars and a blacksmith shoppe.


If you draw a straight line between Breaux Bridge and Mamou, you will see five lakes which appears as a paw print. Now follow these lakes due east twelve miles and you've found Dekattrois!