Pet de Kat Krewe - Worldwide Festivalists, established 1992

The Pet de Kat Krewe (PDKK or PDK) is a loosely disorganized group of music fans who seek out great festivals, support live music and have been dubbed a professional audience. Founded in 1992 by a group of South Florida music fanatics who shared an audience at live music clubs. When the group started spotting each other at events around the country, a krewe was formed. Discovered by thousands during the 1993 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the krewe was dubbed "Worldwide Festivalists."

The Purple Board

The cyber kat fever began on the Jazz Fest purple board and quickly spread worldwide.  Kats are still hanging out on the latest incarnation of the Jazz Fest board, and can also be spotted on Twitter & the PDKK Facebook group.

Gatherings of the Krewe 

In addition to the Jazz Fest gathering, various chapters of the krewe will host a party or organize a gathering for a regional festival. These gatherings include post Fest parties (aka Jazz Fest survivor parties), a Nola'tober gathering in New Orleans, halfway to Fest parties and ongoing local get togethers just because we feel like it.


Ridesharing service Uber and entertainment-ticketing company Live Nation have combined forces to transport people to and from 20 music festivals and 62 Live Nation venues across the U.S. over the remainder of the year.

The companies hope to entice event goers to leave their cars at home with the new ride program, which includes official drop-off and pick-up spots for Uber riders.

Uber partners with Live Nation for concert rides
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Uber partners with Live Nation for concert rides


Remembering B.B. King: Celebrities React to Blues Icon's Death

Attorney Brent Bryson said King died peacefully in his sleep at 9:40 p.m. PDT at his Clark County, Nevad home in Las Vegas.

The news of Blues legend B.B. King’s death was met with sadness, as music fans celebrated his impact and legacy.

King, 89, performed a reported 15,000 times during his career.

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'King of the Blues' Legend B.B. King has passed on
5:43 AM

'King of the Blues' Legend B.B. King has passed on


The Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well concerts are resurrecting hordes of aging fans

The last of the 121 times Michael Sheridan saw the Grateful Dead was in 1995, at a blissful concert on the San Francisco Bay two months before Jerry Garcia died. After that fatal blow to the group, Mr. Sheridan moved on, too. He avoided other jam bands, even ones featuring former members of the Dead. None could live up to the original, he thought.

Last January, however, when the surviving members of the Grateful Dead announced a reunion to mark the band’s 50th anniversary, with three concerts in Chicago during Fourth of July weekend, Mr. Sheridan bought in. Ahead of his 50th birthday in July, the cafe supervisor from North Bend, Wash., booked a plane ticket and reserved a hotel room in Chicago, where he will rendezvous with some old running buddies for the concerts being billed as the Grateful Dead’s last ever.

The Return of the Deadheads
12:57 PM

The Return of the Deadheads


A million dollars on the Jerry Garcia Glen, half a mil on an archive. After attending 143 Dead concerts, Scott Brittingham is still high on the band

These days, the biggest supporter of the psychedelic jam band—renowned for fans who followed it on tour for years at a time—might be one Scott Brittingham, a Santa Barbara real estate investor and philanthropist who traces his roots to a Wisconsin lumber fortune and who attended 143 Dead concerts.

Brittingham donated $1 million to the renovation of a wooded area near the entrance to the Santa Barbara Bowl, a 4,500-seat amphitheater in his hometown. When the job was completed in 2009, the area was renamed the Jerry Garcia Glen and outfitted with a 75-pound bronze of the guitarist's right hand—with its famously severed middle finger—sculpted by an artist who has created busts for the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

The Real Estate Investor Who Spent $1.5 Million to Keep the Grateful Dead Alive
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The Real Estate Investor Who Spent $1.5 Million to Keep the Grateful Dead Alive


This year's second Saturday didn't come close to the 160,000 record, but it was "right up there" with the 90,000 to 100,000-strong days Jazz Fest occasionally posted before the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorists attacks and Hurricane Katrina significantly reduced the festival's overall attendance.

Some fest-goers found Saturday's big crowds and the resultant congestion, especially at the main Acura Stage, to be uncomfortable and frustrating. The main culprit, Quint Davis said, was the prevalence of chairs and ground tarps, the popularity of which has exploded since Katrina. The festival must address that logistical challenge, he said.

Quint Davis on New Orleans Jazz Fest crowds: 'We want them to be comfortable'
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Quint Davis on New Orleans Jazz Fest crowds: 'We want them to be comfortable'


Festival producers announced today that the attendance at this year's Jazzfest was 460,000.

That's the biggest number since Katrina.

The festival hasn't given daily breakdowns since AEG came in to co-produce, but most observers felt that first weekend numbers were down due to wet weather.  2nd Thursday was typically uncrowded - Thursdays always are - and then the rest of 2nd weekend made up for the earlier light crowds in a big way.  2nd Saturday in particular, with Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and T.I headlining, was crazy crowded.

The fest producers like to boast about the numbers, as it probably helps them line up sponsors.  Back in 2009, they did state that 2nd Saturday that year was over 90,000, presumably the then-highest single day since Katrina.

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Festival producers announced the attendance for the 2015 Jazz Fest
4:42 PM

Festival producers announced the attendance for the 2015 Jazz Fest


May is upon us, and people across the country are looking for excuses to spend more time outside. If you don’t already have some camping or hiking trips planned, why not consider a music festival? May is when America kicks into musical overdrive, so there’s no shortage of options. Here are five that you may not already know, but that you may love by the end of this month.

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5 May Music Festivals To Check Out
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5 May Music Festivals To Check Out