If there is a brass band, zydeco band or a funky New Orleans R& B band playing within earshot, you can be sure that the Pet de Kat Krewe will be out there hooting and a hollering

Worldwide Festivalists, established 1992

The Pet de Kat Krewe (PDKK or PDK) is a loosely disorganized group of music fans who seek out great festivals, support live music and have been dubbed a professional audience. Founded in 1992 by a group of South Florida music fanatics who would bump into each other at live music events around the country, local parties began and grew rapidly. Before long a krewe was formed and Jazz Fest parties hosted.

Discovered by thousands during the 1993 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the krewe was dubbed "Worldwide Festivalists" and attracted more festivalists. While striving to leave the disorganized group in a freeform style, the PDK may be at live music clubs and festivals and maybe not. We dance on our own schedule, if the beat of the drum matches the dance step, it's either by coincidence or a stumble. But the curious still gathered and in 2002 the Pet de Kat Krewe was invited to appear on the Folk Heritage Stage as an official part of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. A Jazz Folk Lore panel put together by the NOJ&HF comprised Beatle Bob, PDKK's Big Chief Pony Dancer and Marisol, Economy Hall's "Second Line" Eddie, and Jack the "Tutu Man" who leads the Watermellon Sacrifice at the Fais Do Do stage.

The Purple Board

The cyber kat fever began in the 1990s on the Jazz Fest purple board and our web traffic frequently crashed the servers. Kats are still hanging out on the latest incarnation of the Jazz Fest board, and can also be spotted on Twitter & the PDKK Facebook group.

Gatherings of the Krewe

In addition to the Jazz Fest gathering, various chapters of the krewe will host a party or organize a gathering for a regional festival. These gatherings include post Fest parties (aka Jazz Fest survivor parties), a Nola'tober gathering in New Orleans, halfway to Fest parties and backyard parties.

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