Pet de Kat Krewe merch: Shirts, mugs and other KatWear

Our first krewe T-shirt design was created in 1993. A dozen shirts were printed and given away to some friends. Something we never envisioned happened. Dozens of people stopped us asking where to get a PDKK shirt. The festive kitty on this shirt suddenly became the unofficial logo of the Pet de Kat Krewe.

Since 1993, the krewe produced original festive t-shirts for many years. These shirts have a magical effect when worn at concerts, festivals or simply walking on the riverwalk. Someone may yell out "Where Y'at! Pet De Kat!" when they see you sporting a PDKK shirt.  Meet old friends and make new ifriends when n one of your krewe shirts.

Festivals, parties, crawfish boils and concerts. all great times to show off your new krewe shirts. 
2024 SPIRIT KITTY looking down from high sbove the crowd. 

New Orleans Celebrates Puerto Rico

FEST AF  Tee for 2022 - back at the festivals NEW

NEW: trying out Zazzle for printing merchandise. 

Check for our Pet de Kat designs on CafePress. Search for PDKK or PET DE KAT

Vintage Krewe designs

Joe Perez Memorial Tee

Joe Perez PDK Memorial Tee - honoring Joe Perez, aka Big Chief Pony Dancer 
PDKK tee shirt design honoring Joe Perez, aka Big Chief Pony Dancer in the Pet de Kat Krewe.

2013 - Twenty Year Anniversary 

20 Year Anniversary reproduction print. On CafePress. 

2010 - Young Kat

Young Kat.  The 2010 shirt, designed by artist Craig Young, an original Worldwide Festivalist.  This year's shirt is a full-color print, produced and shipped via CafePress

2008 - Super Kat

The 2008 PDKK Design.   Every year the Pet de Kat Krewe designs an original festive t-shirt. These shirts have a magical effect when worn at concerts, festivals or simply walking along the river. Someone may yell out "Where Y'at! Pet De Kat!" when they see you sporting a new PdKK shirt. Meet old friends and new in your Krewe shirt. The Krewe meets annually during Jazz Fest in New Orleans for parties, crawfish boils and other gatherings. This is a great time to show off your new krewe shirts.

2007 - Pet de Kat Shirt

MID - Missing design

2006 - Do What You Wanna

The 2006 Pet de Kat Krewe tee shirt: Perfect to wear to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Magnolia Fest, High Sierra Music Festival and across the galaxy!

2005 - This Kat Has His Groove On

The 2005 shirt, designed by artist Barry Brandon with graphic design by Bill Swenson, a Worldwide Festivalist from KC.  This year's shirt is a full-color silk screen on a crackle dye shirt, similar to the design behind the kat featured below. Remember Any Groove Is A Reason To Move!

2004 - Rollin' Down The Road!

Rollin' Down The Road Our kat leads the crowd down the road towards the festival. Passing familiar New Orleans sights along the way, this crowd is ready for a party!

2003 - A Fest In Time!

The 2003 Pet de Kat Krewe tee shirts are a festin' time. Our clairvoyant kat is ready for a Festival. He has his tickets and is gazing into a crystal ball where it looks like a festin' crowd is dancing up a storm! This full-color design is silk screened onto high quality cotton tee shirts and tank tops.

2002 - More Fun Than Meets The Eye!

Louisiana Artist Mike Williamson created the very festive official Pet de Kat Krewe shirt for 2002. This design features a cool cat dancin' dancing in his shrimp boots at the festival holding a rads'fish po-boy in one hand and a tambourine in the other. Fest buttons are pinned to the kat's fur and spirit sticks, stages and tents are seen in the background.

2001 - A Kat Oddity

2001: A Kat Oddity.  Joe worked with Mike Williamson, a popular and favorite New Orleans artist, to design the official Pet de Kat Krewe shirt for 2001.

2000 - The Festin Kat!

Steve recruited Mike Williamson, a popular New Orleans artist, to design the official Pet de Kat Krewe shirt for 2000. The 2000 Pet de Kat Krewe t-shirt is a full color design of a cool kat popping his head up from a can, complete with fishhead in mouth. The scene is in the middle of the festival grounds. Check out the familiar poles and banners of fest in the afternoon sky.

1999 - Mardi Gras Indian Kat

1994 was shirtless

1998 - Big Badd Sax Kat

Alan recruited Bay Area psychedelic artist Dave Hunter to design this shirt—Dave is known for his posters & T-Shirts design work with Bay-Area musical groups. Dave solicited the help of Bay Area Illustrator Thos Chapman. Thos' work has graced the posters and T-Shirts of the (in)famous HogFarm PigNic and Electric on the Eel festivals.

1997 - Gumbo Chef Kat

Steve Apple had the idea for this shirt. A kat stirring a big'ol pot of musical gumbo, while the gator and snake watch cautiously.

1996 - Secondline Kat

Joe Perez, aka Big Chief Pony Dancer, lover of brass band second lines,had the concept for a phat, drunken cat leading a brass band

1995 - Tombstone Kitty

Mike Georgaides, trumpet player and a Pet de Kat Krewe founding member, came up with the concept of a cartoon kat spray painting the names of his favorite bands on one of the New Orleanian above ground tombs. The artist, Kevin Peake is a very talented commercial artist having done several magazine covers and other work, such as the original 7-UP can design.

1994 - Big Trippy Kat

In 1994 the krewe recruited Graham Drout, singer, songwriter and founder of local swampy voodoo blues band Iko-Iko.

1993 - original design & official krewe logo

The original design was put together by Steve and appeared in 1993 on 13 tee shirts given to a few friends.