Help for Jazz Fest Withdrawals #jazzfest

How to deal with Jazz Fest Withdrawals. Besides 'go to Jazz Fest'...

Once you accept that you are going to miss Jazz Fest, you are going to have to deal with Fest withdrawals. These can range from headaches in the form of "why aren't you going to Jazz Fest" questions to intense cravings for crawfish bread and spontaneous dancing at awkward times.

Here are some top tips to deal with Fest withdrawals – you can do it! First time missing Fest? Remember you have a lot of people who care about you and are here to help. Join the "Not Going to Jazz Fest" event on Facebook!

Immerse yourself in WWOZ and good food then taper off slowly.

If your body has been so used to the abuse you give it at the end of April and beginning of May, don't go cold turkey. Around the beginning of April start catching a lot of music. Eat obscene amounts of food. Taper down gradually until First Friday.  Going cold turkey may be too much of a shock to your system for you to be able to control your inner Festivalist.

Start by cutting down the variety of music. This may seem extreme but starting with that will make your other changes easier to make. Cut down portion sizes and spices. Remember, gradually is the key.

Do Something Else. Read an Ikea assembly guide. Roll newspapers into logs. Hang out at a pet shelter.

Occupy yourself at times when you would normally be dancing and craving Cissy Strut. Go out at night, without sunglasses. Go to sleep—before sunrise. Refocus your energy into something productive. Refinish your floors. Clean out the refrigerator.

Drink Water. Okay, too drastic, you can skip this step for now.

Sometimes you might think you have a craving, but it turns out to be gas. Allowing ourselves long periods of silence could lead to cravings. Make sure you keep music playing, and carry music with you at all times, even if it's a best of The Beatles mix.

Keep a range of healthy snacks available to you. Just in case. Don't cook up jambalaya or think a boil will get you through this. Find something that is healthy, and make small portions. Don't start a hot sauce or poboy debate online.

Deep fried is not the answer.

A top trick to help with Jazz Fest cravings is to pick a Neil Diamond song and play it on repeat. It may sound awful, but it is a great way to purge and reduce symptoms, also helps those on a juice diet.
Join the discussion on the Facebook online event for "Not Going to Jazz Fest" (Updated with a 2023 event)
If you are really feeling the pressure, find a few people you are comfortable with and see if they'd help you and do the Alligator and chant the Watermelon song.

Make sure your friends and loved ones are aware of what is going on as you face this mountain. It can be very hard and you may be moody and also feeling abandoned, so the support of someone can be crucial.

Remember that the first fest day is the hardest day.  The dread will subside by Second Sunday. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to