Seasons Greetings generated a holiday song...

[Verse] We gather 'round, on a sandy shore Friends and fam, couldn't ask for more (yeah, yeah) Reggae tunes, we feelin' irie No place else, we'd rather be (ooh-yeah) [Chorus] Drinking, smoking, dancing all night long To the rhythm of this funky reggae song Sippin' on rum, let the good vibes flow With our chosen fam, on this island we call home (ooh-yeah) [Verse] Down in the Caribbean, where the reggae beats flow We gather 'round the fire, tropical rhythm in our soul A chosen family, united under the moonlight We laugh, we dance, we sing, all through the night [Chorus] We are the island tribe, groovin' to the reggae vibes Drinking, smoking, dancing 'til dawn On this beach, we belong (yeah, yeah, yeah) Come join our celebration, feel the rhythm deep inside In this paradise we find, love and music intertwine

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