Platform pledges to match 100% of revenue earned by independent artists on Friday, April 29

In April 2021, SoundCloud launched its industry-first ‘Fan-Powered Royalties’ platform – its own branding of the user-centric streaming payment model.

This method of monetization sees royalties from each individual subscriber’s monthly payment distributed only amongst the artists they listen to.

That’s opposed to the more typical ‘big pot’ or ‘pro rata’ streaming royalties model – adopted by the likes of Spotify – which sees all royalty revenue paid/generated by users centrally pooled by a service, before being shared on the basis of artist market share across an entire platform.

It’s now a year on from SoundCloud’s Fan-Powered Royalties were made available to independent artists who upload/monetize their music direct via SoundCloud. And today (April 26), SoundCloud has revealed a series of updated stats about its payout system’s progress.

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