Kehlani, Jacquees & More Artists Show Support to Louisiana During Hurricane Ida

 Artists are sending their prayers and checking in with fans' loved ones who are currently being impacted by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

The Category 4 storm barreling through the Gulf Coast comes at the same time as the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated Louisiana and nearby areas in late August 2005. On Monday (Aug. 30), the powerful tropical storm destroyed the Karnofsky Tailor Shop and Residence, which was once a second home to legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong. According to the National Park Service, he used to live there with the Karnofskys, a Jewish family whom he worked for on their coal and junk wagons and who lent Armstrong money to buy his first cornet. A mural of fellow cornet player Charles "Buddy" Bolden, who helped pioneer the jazz genre, and his band that used to be on a nearby building no longer remains.

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