The Best Portable Chairs for Music Festivals and Outdoor Concerts

Now that festivals are back, grab yourself a seat (literally) with these extremely portable chairs for your next outdoor concert

Just because you’ve finally secured a day pass at one of the many music festivals back on this summer, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to nab any prime seating. Sure, you can show up early, try to scope out a patch of grass, or park it under the shade of the nearest merch tent—but you might want to consider a portable chair.

The best portable chairs share a lot of similarities with folding or camping chairs, and allow you to sit back, relax, and stay comfortable for hours while enjoying an outdoor concert. They’re also pretty useful for barbecues, picnics at the park, or even day trips to the beach. They won’t add a lot of extra bulk when festival requirements already necessitate packing light, so you’ll be able to pick up and move quickly if your line of view to the stage gets blocked.

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