Sunday Second Line for Joe "Pony Dancer" Perez 10-25-2020

On Sunday, October 25th, we will gather for Joe Perez’s second line at the end of Oak Street by River Road (by Cowbell)at 4 pm for a round of drinks. Around 5 pm the Brass Band will begin our march.

This is event is being organized by Fabio Della Santa in association with MONDO KAYO SOCIAL & MARCHING CLUB in New Orleans, Louisiana. See the post on Facebook

The route is simple: From Oak Street and Leak Ave (River Road) along the gravel road that runs next to the train tracks, to Dante Street (we turn left), to Oak Street (we turn left), pause momentarily in front of the Maple Leaf Bar for a toast to Joe, then continue down Oak Street to Fish’s gas station, where the band can end their music, we have some refreshments lined up, and a DJ 

Although we will be outdoors, and we ask that social distancing (6-foot radius) be observed, we want to exercise an abundance of caution so we don’t contribute to spreading this virus.
For this reason we ask that you consider dressing as JOE PEREZ with a mouth and nose covering (medical mask or otherwise).
The city, the police, and the community as a whole will feel safer and be less likely to be opposed to our celebration if we use common sense and respectfully go about our business.

Available now in the Pet De Kat store: "FEST IN PEACE" products (T-Shirt, Buttons) to honor the memory of our Big Chief Pony Dancer. 

Proceeds going to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

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