The Best New Artists Of 2020 (So Far)

There are way more new artists with stunning debuts this year than we could ever fit on a single show. But on this week's All Songs Considered, we share some of the standouts of 2020 (so far).

Featured Artists And Songs:

1. Coriky: "Clean Kill" from Coriky
2. Rina Sawayama: "STFU!" from Sawayama
3. Tenci: "Joy" from My Heart Is An Open Field
4. THICK: "Mansplain" from 5 Years Behind
5. Katie Pruitt: "Grace Has a Gun" from Expectations
6. Buscabulla: "VĂ¡mono" from Regresa
7. Asher Gamedze: "Siyabulela" from Dialectic Soul
8. Christian Lee Hutson: "Atheist" from Beginners
9. Eve Owen: "Bluebird" from Don't Let the Ink Dry
10. Jonah Mutono: "The Low" from GERG

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via All Songs Considered