Get ready for future music festivals

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Festivals in the future are going to be a bit different. More space. Sanitizers. Clean toilets.

And when you think of a music fest, there will always be the group who ride the rail, you know those kats who are up front on the railing, dancing from the first note until the power is pulled on the soundboard.  They'll be there. Rain or shine or pandemic.

But there are a lot of us who have been to hundreds of festivals and are approaching, or past, that half-century mark and happy to chill out just a bit. For this group of festival goers they also need additional personal space.  This clear tent is perfect for a couple, family or friends who already spent too much time together without following the CDC recommendation of 6 feet between people.

Food lines are going to be interesting too. Those lines of 20 people suddenly can wrap around the festival a few times with all the personal spacing. Maybe vendors will offer Drone to Dome delivery? We'll see you at the shows.

Wash your hands, don't touch your face or pass the pipe!

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