Who's streaming who? Listen to live music from the universe!

Catch some great shows live, online!  ♬  https://x.nola411.com/musiC19

Festival season is here but Coronavirus made other plans for us. Keep your social distance, stay home until the all clear. Meanwhile musicians from all over the world who would be booked up with spring and summer tours, festival and concerts are taking the show to streaming media.

We started a 'google doc' as a place for artists, or their fans, to list upcoming live gigs. Music is being played from backyards, driveways and living rooms. Some get pretty creative with multi-camera shows where each musician has a webcam in their home and software switches the live camera to the music.

The list of gigs have links out to the streaming platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Most of these are free but the artists appreciate your generous tips! The tab labelled "SUPPORT$" shows artists and their 'tip jar' info.

Check out the music and add your gigs to the Streaming Gigs dochttps://x.nola411.com/musiC19