Not The Same Old Shirt, Groove in Festive Style!

Step up your jam in some funky kat wear and get your ass groovin'

All music festival-goers do not look alike!

Put the F in your Funky Festive Fashion, Pick up some kat gear on Cafe Press.

The festival season is a massive money-machine, spreading brand-awareness-to their target audience. Festival culture has shaped spring fashion trends; 


mega millions made by big brands as they opt into marketing — and quickly opt out after the fest; brands capitalize on music festivals long before the bands are even finalized; brands dedicate massive resources for your fest money and getting their products promoted everywhere from Instagram to Facebook groups to the shirt on your back.  Don't be victimized by the fest couture.  Did you know that PDK Katwear has been a symbol of Worldwide Festivalists for over twenty seven years!  No mega million dollar sponsors from the haute industrial complex  Check out the latest kat styles on Cafe Press.

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