12 moments that made the modern music festival

Today’s thriving festival culture has its roots in the outdoor folk and jazz gatherings of the early 1960s. Here are 12 key moments in the evolution of an ongoing cultural phenomenon

The trick to playing festivals? ‘You’ve got to blow them away.’ Today’s stars talk about their festival experiences

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Why You Secretly Hate Cool Bars

The word “bar” can refer to a variety of places—a handy rule is, the cooler the bar, the more horrible the life experience it will provide. And on a weekend night, the quintessential cool, super-popular, loud, dark city bar becomes a place of genuine hardship.

The problem begins because you have this idea in your head that a cool bar is a fun place to be. You think to yourself, “It’s time for a big weekend. Excited to hit the bars!” without what should be the follow-up thought, “Oh wait no, I remember now that weekend bars are terrible places to go to.”

After years of accidental suffering by billions of people, it’s about time we took a long, hard look at this voluntary practice and examine just what a night out at a popular bar entails.

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Vote for Your Favorite Music Festival!

What's YOUR Favorite Music Festival? As temperatures begin to creep up, music festival season is fast approaching, and each year, more and more events are joining the lineup, expanding and diversifying the music festival circuit in the USA.

The panel of music festival aficionados have hand-picked 20 essential festivals from coast to coast where music fans can see dozens of artists in one place. You have until Monday, April 13 at noon ET to vote your favorite music festival to glory. You can view the current leaderboard or vote for a nominee at 10best.com/

Book documenting 1968 Miami Pop Festival to launch at KU

Photographer Ken Davidoff and musician-filmmaker Jack Connell, the authors behind the upcoming "The 1968 Miami Pop Festival," will celebrate their book's launch at 7 p.m. March 24 in the Kansas Union's Alderson Auditorium.

The book, to be released this month by the Lawrence-based Global Green Publications, is a collection of Davidoff's photographs from the 1968 festival along with interviews conducted by Connell. The May 1968 Miami Pop Festival was the first of its kind on the East Coast, and featured artists such as Jimi Hendrix and the Experience, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, and Chuck Berry.

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A Local's List: The Best Places to Go in Austin for SXSW

Heading to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest?  A local from Austin compiled a 'best places' list.

From the music scene to hill country, Austin is  small enough to still carry a small-town feel, yet large enough to feel the cosmopolitan culture. It also happens to be one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, with tons of hiking trails and public parks with off-leash privileges for well-behaved pups. As the home to the Whole Foods flagship, Austin also has an eco-centric, green-friendly vitality that is, in many ways, leading the country into a more sustainable mindset. After all, the motto of the city is to support local, and, perhaps more importantly, to “keep Austin weird.”

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Hey Phish… The Dead Did It First!

Even their most hardcore fans acknowledge that there would be no Phish (or certainly a radically different version) without the trail blazed by the Grateful Dead.

Starting with the marriage of jazz improvisation with rock instruments and sensibilities, but continuing on through borrowed elements as innocuous as the two set format, mail-order ticketing, audience recording / taper’s sections, and blow-out holiday gigs, both bands cultivated their loyal fanbases from a basic framework that shares many similarities.

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Jazz Fest Packing List - Festival Essentials you may have forgotten

Not your typical Jazz Fest Packing List.

Kats go outside the lines to compile the PDKK Essential Festival Packing List.

Pet de Kat Krewe's travel tips answers the popular question, "what do I pack for jazz fest."  The krewe compiled this collection of packing tips via message board:
  • Airplane Tickets ... (Steve Miami)
  • Ashtray ... (Pony Dancer)
  • ATM Card ... (Swag)
  • Backpack for Fair Grounds ... (Steve Miami)
  • Bandaids for your feet ... (Jayfest)
  • Bandanas ... (Jujuvoo)
  • Bandanas (cooling) ... (Neen)
  • Binoculars (cheap, lightweight) ... (ZydecoBonnie)
  • Blanket ... (Kinderkitti)
  • BodyGlide. prevents blsiters and chafing ... (Swag)
  • Boots ... (BethesdaBoy)
  • Bubbles ... (Jujuvoo)
  • Buttons, buttons, buttons ... (Neen)
  • Camera ... (Neen)
  • Camera (optional) ... (Swag)
  • Camera batteries ... (Neen)
  • Camera battery charger ... (Jayfest)
  • Cash ... (Swag)
  • Cell Phone ... (Steve Miami)
  • Cell Phone Charger ... (FreidaFrostbite)
  • Chair ... (Kinderkitti)
  • Comfortable shoes ... (Swag)
  • Concert Tickets ... (Steve Miami)
  • Condoms ... (Stlbarb)
  • Cool Brew Coupons ... (FreidaFrost)
  • Count's Picks ... (Neen)
  • Cubes ... (Neen)
  • Deodorant ... (Steve Miami)
  • Dr. Scholls Gel Liners ... (Pony Dancer)
  • Earplugs ... (Swag)
  • Electric Shaver ... (Steve)
  • Festival Tickets ... (Barry12345)
  • Flask(s) ... (FreidaFrost)
  • Food/Craft Locations ... (Neen)
  • Glasses ... (Pony Dancer)
  • Grocery Bags, plastic (for food to go) ... (ZydecoBonnie)
  • Ground cover (Neat Sheet) ... (ZydecoBonnie)
  • Gum ... (Neen)
  • Hair Brush ... (Steve Miami)
  • Hand Moisterizer ... (Steve Miami)
  • Hand Sanitizer - for the post PortaJohn trip ... (Saturnwreck)
  • Happy Feet ... (Kinderkitti)
  • Hat ... (Swag)
  • Hotel Reservation ... (Steve Miami)
  • Lagniappes (see Buttons) ... (Ohio T Head)
  • Lifesavers ... (Neen)
  • lighters ... (BethesdaBoy)
  • local phone number contacts ... (Steve Miami)
  • Map of Fairgrounds ... (Neen)
  • Map of New Orleans ... (Steve Miami)
  • More cash ... (Swag)
  • Party "supplies" ... (Ohio T Head)
  • Pen and paper ... (ZydecoBonnie)
  • Pharmaceuticals ... (Jayfest)
  • Plastic bags (small) to keep sock/feet dry in rain/mud ... (IBJamn)
  • Pocket tissues, for when the port-o's run out of TP ... (Swag)
  • Rain poncho so that it doesn't rain. ... (Jujuvoo)
  • Razor ... (Steve Miami)
  • Rental Car reservation ... (Steve Miami)
  • Rolling papers ... (Atzlancat)
  • Sandals ... (GrisGrisGirl)
  • Shaker egg ... (BethesdaBoy)
  • Shampoo ... (Steve Miami)
  • Shirts ... (Steve Miami)
  • Shoes (broken in) ... (Kinderkitti)
  • Shorts ... (SteveMiami)
  • Shrimp Boots ... (StlBarb)
  • Smile ... (Swag)
  • Sneakers ... (Jayfest)
  • Socks ... (Neen)
  • Socks (extra pair on Fair Grounds) ... (Neen)
  • Spray bottle for water misting ... (Kinderkitti)
  • Sunglasses ... (Swag)
  • Sunscreen ... (Swag)
  • Sweater for overly air conditioned bldgs ... (Louisiana Crunch Cake)
  • Tablecloth-plastic, felt-backed to sit on at Fair Grounds... (IBJamn)
  • Talcum powder ... (ZydecoBonnie)
  • Tee Shirts ... (Steve Miami)
  • Tevas sandals ... (TybeeDawg)
  • Toilet Paper ... (Ponydancer)
  • Toothpaste ... (Steve Miami)
  • Trash bags (incase it rains) ... (Steve Miami)
  • Underwear ... (Pony Dancer)
  • Water (bottled) ... (Steve Miami)
  • Frozen water bottle ... (WendyR)
  • Wet wipes ... (Neen)
  • Windbreaker jacket ... (Steve Miami)
  • Ziplocks ... (ZydecoBonnie)
Compiled from the message boards on petdekat.com

Beale Street Music Festival reveals 2015 lineup

Memphis’ Beale Street Music Festival has revealed its 2015 lineup. Highlights include Wilco, Pixies, The Flaming Lips, Ryan Adams, St. Vincent, Band of Horses, Jenny Lewis, Cage the Elephant, Benjamin Booker, The Avett Brothers, and Diarrhea Planet.

Beale Street Music Festival has earned a reputation for its eclectic and unique lineup of wide-ranging music genres and performers. Recent festival lineups have featured acts such as The Black Keys, Kid Rock, Florence + the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Cee Lo Green, Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, Katy Perry, B.B. King, Stone Temple Pilots, Al Green, Bassnectar and The Avett Brothers.

More info at memphisinmay.org

10 Breathtaking Music Festivals

Festival season is fast approaching and with an ever-increasing number of top-notch events popping up every year, tough decisions will have to be made. If you are going to invest in a (probably pricey) festival pass, ensure the best bang for your buck by attending a festival where scenic surroundings compete with the great tunes.

Here are 10 festivals where you can listen to sounds from international superstars and obscure local acts in locations as varied as ski resorts, remote islands and even geothermal spas. Read more on Paste Magazine

Festival trash? First ever ‘Future Music Festival Asia’ in Singapore assures clean fun

No need to fret about festivalgoers leaving unsightly trash at Singapore’s Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA), say organisers.

FMFA will be in Singapore for the first time at the Changi Exhibition Centre from 13 to 14 March. And promoter The Livescape Group has a plan in place to keep the venue litter-free. Earlier in January, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted a picture on Facebook showing an abundance of trash on the grounds of the Laneway Festival venue.

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