Experience Austin City Limits Festival #ACL

Parsing the ACL Fest schedule for conflicts, surprises

For lovers of life-affirming music, the toughest choice comes Friday at 4 p.m. when Leon Bridges‘ sincere retro soul goes up against the incredibly moving Malian rock outfit Songhoy Blues. Bridges, who skyrocketed out of Fort Worth this year, became an overnight sensation capturing the imagination of the country. His South by Southwest shows were packed to capacity and garnered rave reviews. He will certainly draw the huge crowds as well he should, but it’s a shame Songhoy Blues will be overshadowed. The band, born out of the devastating conflict in Mali which found radical Islamists banning music, remix Delta blues and classic rock with glorious gusto. Their SXSW shows were amazing celebrations of life and spirit and anyone who opts to skip the Bridges crowds and get up close and personal with the should-be-superstars will be overjoyed with the decision.

Austin City Limits Festival is October 2-4 and October 9-11, 201 @ Zilker Park.