Live Music Events Makes Millennials Trust And Recommend Your Brand

Over the past several years, many brands have begun to understand just how important music is to their younger customers, and in an attempt to form stronger bonds with them and to introduce the brand to new audiences, the amount of money being spent on activations and sponsorships in the live music space has grown rapidly. Sponsoring live events can be tough for some companies, as there isn’t often a clear benefit, and knowing whether or not that money was well spent has long been a guessing game.

A recent study conducted by massive live promoter AEG and Momentum Worldwide, a marketing agency focusing on experiences in the music world, shows that when it comes to millennials, this is the place to be. The study looked at how the notoriously tough-to-reach age group feels about brands that do sponsor concerts, parties, and festivals, and there are some interesting insights that every brand should see before deciding where to send marketing dollars...

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