'Festival' Documentary to Show the Fans Behind the (Live) Music

People often talk about traveling around the world or running a marathon when bringing up their goals before they die.
A festival goer at the 2013 North Coast Music Festival. Sebastian Lama
Michael Raspatello just needs a camera, and enough computer memory for 10 terabytes of videos.

The film follows seven fest-goers during a three-day weekend: the 2013 North Coast Festival. Their backgrounds are disparate as their music tastes: Tracy, 22, is an "upwardly mobile" professional who loves live shows; Austin, 26, returns to the festivals he circled as a drug dealer before serving three years in jail.

FESTIVAL is a documentary film that follows 7 festival-goers over the course of a magical, musical weekend. The film aims to be the most honest and detailed look at our generation's festival culture. festivalthefilm.com

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