Festival producers announced the attendance for the 2015 Jazz Fest

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Festival producers announced today that the attendance at this year's Jazzfest was 460,000.

That's the biggest number since Katrina.

The festival hasn't given daily breakdowns since AEG came in to co-produce, but most observers felt that first weekend numbers were down due to wet weather.  2nd Thursday was typically uncrowded - Thursdays always are - and then the rest of 2nd weekend made up for the earlier light crowds in a big way.  2nd Saturday in particular, with Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and T.I headlining, was crazy crowded.

The fest producers like to boast about the numbers, as it probably helps them line up sponsors.  Back in 2009, they did state that 2nd Saturday that year was over 90,000, presumably the then-highest single day since Katrina.

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