Ten Killer Music Docs to Watch Out for in 2015: Kurt Cobain, The Damned, Billy Anderson, and More

Music is the subject of a fair percentage of the more than 1500 documentaries scheduled for release this year according to IMDb — and that number only includes those who have gotten their shit together enough to list their productions on IMDb. If even half of them follow through with their visions, 2015 should be a banner year for music documentaries. This year, filmmakers will explore topics including old-school audio formats like cassettes and 78s, the rise and fall of the brick and mortar retail business and the impact of the boombox on society at large. Megalithic acts like Kiss and Grateful Dead will net yet more screen time (the latter thanks to Martin Scorsese), but pioneering female artists like Filipino-American R&B singer Sugar Pie DeSanto and early electronic film composer Suzanne Ciani will also get a turn in the spotlight that may have eluded their careers.

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