In memory of Glenn "Glennski" Matkin, passed away 20 years at Jazz Fest

GLENN "GLENSKI" MATKIN November 6, 1957 - April 29, 1995

Miami resident and former New Orleanian, Glenn Matkin had a heart attack at the Jazz Festival on the afternoon of Saturday, April 29th and later passed away enroute to Mercy Hospital.

My last contact with Glenn is walking over to Terrance Simien where he was happily smiling and two-stepping with a few H.O.A. ladies. I left for the Beau Jocque show at the opposite end of the Fairgrounds where we were to meet later. When I picture Glenn, I will always see him with a great big warm smile.

Our memories of 'Glenski' will always bring a warm smile to all of us.

You'll always be in our hearts.
Steve Apple - Miami, Florida

A memorial was held for Glenski on the evening of Tuesday, May 2nd at the Howlin' Wolf on South Peters Street.

"A true friend, always having a
smile and a hug for everyone
who has had the privilege of
knowing 'Skiman'.

My son, Glenn Charles Matkin, died of a heart attack on April 29th, 1995 at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. He was 37 years old. -Charlie Matkin

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you one of my fondest memories of Glenn. (And a special thanks to Steve for keeping me in the loop.) Marisol Rivera (Miami)

I was in Tampa with my boyfriend Joe and friends, the weekend of April 7, 1995, for a Grateful Dead concert. On Saturday, April 8th, we met up with our "Cajun" friends for an outdoor music event that included the Iguanas, a Texmex band from New Orleans, and a Zydeco band (the name slips my mind). I tried to dance the two-step with Wayne Bridges, but I was too much of an amateur and couldn't help tripping up our feet. I felt sorry for Wayne, but was grateful he gave me a chance. I'm not a "petite" girl and sometimes I can't help trying to lead, but I'm not hopeless and somebody else besides me knew that. As I stood the next song out, I was approached by a brave, bear-size-of-a- man with happy eyes and a wonderful smile. Glenn to my rescue! He cinched my waste just right and had me two-stepping all over that parking lot dance area. Glenn sure did know how to lead! We stopped when the music stopped. We were breathless and wet with sweat, but the joy I felt at that moment still lingers within me. That was not my first dance with Glenn, but it was my last and I cherish that memory in my heart. I've been to many music events since and find myself remembering and missing Glenn. But you know, when the energy level reaches its peak and everyone is smiling, breathless and sweaty I feel Glenn is with us. If anyone ever sees me partnerless out on the dance floor they should not feel sorry for me or think me strange, because I never dance alone. In my heart, a wonderful man named Glenn always shares the dance floor with me.

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