Steve's Jazz Fest Memories

Jazz Fest Memories 1989 - present date

Mike G introduced me to Jazz Fest in 1989 and since then we did at least a dozen Jazz Fests together.  What follows is a whole lot of bits and pieces of the Fest. Lets go to Jazz Fest via some of Mike and my festive memories from over the yeaars.


11:01am on the first day of Fest, feeling like kids coming downstairs to open xmas gifts.
A classic drunken photo with Linda Lou in front of Jimmy's / Carrollton Station.
Alan getting us backstage passes. Mike getting on stage and getting the crowd (at old Congo Square) responding the the Shaker stick.

Backgammon with Steve, JoeP and Mike in hotel room instead of hearing live music. The "I hate music" shirt is created

Becoming friends with legendary Louisiana musicians.
Benny's bar and the hijinks surrounding it.
Can you jitterbug, she asks Mike (at Storyville), and he says yes.
Clarence, the sound guy for George Porter, Jr.
Danny (Terrances first drummer) breaking the ice for PDK / musicians exchange.
Driving around Audubon' parking lot at 5am.
Earl King's second line.
Fests at Ric's house.
First time experiencing the Rock and Bowl.
First wondering what KREWE meant - Then the notion tomake T-shirts that say KREWE on the back.

Flipping Brunt over Steve's head onto his ass in front of Coops (one of Brunt's neat tricks).
Hanging with the Tobacco Road gang at Muddy Waters.
How large can our dinner groups become before they burst. Steve resigned from organizing dinners when the headcount passed 15.

Ignoring the Gospel tent for 2-3 years.
In-Store performances at the record shops.
Making pictures of The Worlds Largest Baby and when Joe walked in to Donna's, Charlie asking him about it.
Meeting Greg, Brunt, Michael and D on my first flight to Jazz Fest (1989) and introducing them to Absolut Citron.
Mike bugging Steve at Anderson's "You gonna eat all that?".
Mike grabbing the mike after Katie Webster's incredible show (at Storyville), "Do you wanna hear more?"
Mike requesting Katie Webster to say she loves him. Katy saying "I love you baby". (Oops that was Bradenton, but still worth a mention)

Precious at Jimmy's, (singer for Dr. John).
Rainout Friday in 1991, meeting new friends at Le Bon Temps.
Rebirth at Kemp's on Thursday nights.
Reuniting with Jazz Fest friends annually.
Shakers and bubbles.

Spelling out to Joe, using graphs and charts, how he's freeloading in a hotel room, but Joe doesn't get it.
We called him Sprout, and years later we learn his name is Wing, now known as the Jazzfest spirit.
Steve chanting, "no more chanting", at the frat boys before Dr John show.
The old Storyville on Frenchman.

Turning down a girl because "There's music to hear".
Wavelength magazine.
Zoiks, we drank.


PDK stickers everywhere.
Our human jukebox (Snooks).
George Porter Jr.’s socks.
Mind you bizniz.

Eric and Maggie’s wedding.
Festin’ with Glen, then losing Glen, then seeing him over and over again.

Pet De Kat’s Daze Between parties.
Pet De Kat’s crawfish boils in Audubon Park.

Rattlesnake hairpiece at zoo.
Driving home late and a bit tipsy, can’t find way, oh there it is.
Mesmerized by our first viewing of The Watermelon Sacrifice, Moss Man, Sprout, Mudfest.

The bar in the car at Tipitina’s.
Shut up fool.
Is that a stick?
A Neville nephew owes Steve $20.
Strangers wearing PDK shirts.
Worldwide Festivalists.
Ric’s pool table.
 Spotting Marcia Ball waiting for a street car on St. Charles, trying to give her a ride
 Johnny Adams helped us park at the hotel
Dunbar’s soul food.
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